US considers 200% import tariff on Russian aluminium

European Aluminium

The US is considering imposing an import tariff on Russian aluminium of 200%, according to reports.

Bloomberg has reported that President Joe Biden is yet to give the official go-ahead on the move, but a decision is expected this week.

There are said to have been concerns about the knock on effect to industries in the US. These range from the metal packaging, automotive and aerospace.

This will effectively end imports of Russian aluminium into the US. The country’s dependency on Russian aluminium has fallen over the last five years, though, with it now accounting for only 3% of imports.

The move comes as the first anniversary approaches of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on 24 February, 2022.

President Biden was said to be planning a trip to neighbouring Poland to mark the anniversary.

Since the invasion, the US has committed more than $29billion in help for Ukraine.

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