Canned sake subscription service launched

KURA ONE meticulously selects sake from brands of award-winning sake breweries in Japan and overseas and repackages them in compact and easy-to-handle 180ml/196g aluminium cans, while maintaining the quality of the sake. 

On January 31, the first canned sake subscription service in the world that delivers sake, along with stories about enjoying sake, directly to customers via subscription in more than 100 countries has launched online ordering. 

As a result of the service’s introduction in numerous media sources, it has been attracting attention in Japan.

“KURA ONE Sales Commemorative Special Edition,” which is a complete set of all 21 brands to be delivered from January to June 2023, and the Assortment Box with special sake containers featuring Japanese craftsmanship are very popular.

Also, KURA ONE’s brand movie “KURA ONE TRIP.” which introduces sake breweries and their regions is now online. 

On February 28, KURA ONE begins accepting applications worldwide for BtoB partners (restaurants, sake retailers, etc.) who can place orders for as little as 30 cans.

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