Ska Fabricating names Steve Sherman as new CEO

Ska Fabricating’s Board of Directors has selected Steve Sherman to lead the company as its chief executive officer.

Sherman has over 20 years of CEO and COO experience serving private, equity, venture capital, and public companies. Before accepting his new role at Ska Fabricating, Sherman acted as global VP of operations at Spectralink Corporation, head of global operations at Mini-Circuits, and vice president of Alcatel-Lucent, among others.

Reflecting upon his experiences, Sherman noted: “I’ve spent the last 10+ years focused on my true passion – building and growing mid-size companies – launching new products, expanding into new markets, and building new partnerships.”

In considering his reasons for joining Ska Fabricating in the role of CEO, Sherman shared: “Great companies like Ska Fab develop innovative products that solve real world problems for our customers. We are relentless about customer focus and service.

“We have multiple manufacturing sites that allow us to directly control our quality and delivery… It was really an easy decision to jump into this leadership role and be a part of this team.”

Ska Fabricating builds heavy duty automated packaging line equipment, specializing in depalletisers, palletisers, custom conveyance systems, and more.

“Our products are flexible and scalable,” noted Sherman, “Regardless of business size, package type, or product segment – if you are building or improving your packaging line – we are committed to being your partner of choice.”

From what Sherman calls a “market leader position” within the world of brewing, he notes the strides Ska Fabricating has taken in the past few years with regard to the can decorating space as well as an expansion into almost every type of rigid container handling through the acquisition of GR-X Manufacturing.

Sherman credits Ska Fabricating’s size and adaptability that is largely responsible for this growth trajectory.

Sherman added: “Our culture has incredible agility and speed… We are always open to integrating a blend of Ska Fab equipment and other high quality third party equipment with Ska Fab’s engineering and service ability, so our customers get the best end to end integrated solution that serves their needs.”

Sherman looks forward to seeing the next chapter of Ska Fabricating take shape: “When I look for a leadership role, I focus on smaller, fast moving, customer-focused companies with a strategy and track record of growth and service. And most importantly for me – great people who want to build something great and long-lasting.

“We spend so much time at work, that I want to work with people where I build lifelong friendships. Ska Fab is all of that.”

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