Stolle hosts celebration ceremony for 500th decorator

On Thursday, 2 February, 2023, Stolle Machinery celebrated the completion of the 500th Concord Decorator at their Centennial, Colorado, US manufacturing facility.

Concord product manager Andy Layden opened with some impressive statistics on the Concord and its impressive impact on the canmaking industry and the local economy.

Following Andy’s remarks, Chris McAlpine, Stolle senior vice president of global systems, presented a commemorative plaque to John Leitzke, director, global sourcing – capital equipment and Brian Rogers, VP – project management and engineering of Crown Holdings, the customer receiving the 500th Concord machine.

The mayor of Centennial, Stephanie Piko, addressed the audience and expressed congratulations to Stolle, stressing her ongoing support of training for the manufacturing sector and its importance to local industry and economy.

Piko noted: “Most people do not have any knowledge or appreciation of how many complex machines it takes to make a beverage can.”

Next, the teams that manage, design, assemble and support Concord Decorators at Centennial were acknowledged.

The assembly team includes Roger Teel, who began his career at Ragsdale Brothers (formerly in Englewood, CO, US) and has worked on every one of the 500 Concords built since 1986 when it was designed.

The event wrapped up with group photos of the Centennial employees, engineering and assembly teams that make the Concord Decorator a flagship product of Stolle and a key trusted machine in can plants around the world.

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