Toyo Seikan signs agreement with UACJ

Toyo Seikan Group Holdings and UACJ Corporation has concluded a business alliance agreement to jointly study ways to further promote the horizontal recycling of aluminium cans.

This business alliance aims to develop and commercialise aluminium cans with added
environmental value by leveraging the technologies and know-how of both companies. In
addition, in order to further promote the “CAN to CAN” horizontal aluminium can recycling, both companies will consider collaborating on activities to promote the collection and recycling of used aluminium cans throughout the value chain.

Aluminium beverage cans in Japan have a high recycling rate of 97% but the latest estimate
shows that the percentage of recycled aluminium in the total can body and lid is still less than 60%.

CO2 emissions during the production of recycled aluminium ingots are about 3% of
those of new ingots, and a higher recycling rate will have the effect of dramatically reducing emissions.

The business alliance with UACJ will enable products to develop more quickly than
ever before and to provide environment-friendly aluminium cans worldwide in a timely manner in future.

Through this business alliance, Toyo Seikan aims to further promote the horizontal recycling of aluminium cans and reduce CO2 emissions in the entire beverage container supply chain.

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