Beverage can producers join IAI coalition


The International Aluminium Institute (IAI) has launched the Aluminium Forward 2030, a coalition of IAI’s 25 production members and 20 downstream and customer companies, who have committed themselves to transforming the aluminium sector. 

The aim is to accelerate progress toward net zero emissions while working  together on a roadmap that is inclusive of all the other UN Sustainable Development Goals.

This IAI initiative flows from discussions with various players in the beverage & can, automotive, electrical, transport and construction markets and demonstrates the power of collaborative efforts to tackle one of the most complex global challenges. 

We will build on existing collaborations, such as in the beverage can sector, to enhance circularity and reduce emissions.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combatting climate change have become priorities for the aluminium industry. However, the sector needs to move comprehensively toward net zero carbon in a way that addresses all other aspects of sustainability. This is why the IAI has formed the Aluminium Forward 2030 coalition.

Key leaders in major aluminium sectors will join, such as Jaguar Land Rover; beverage and can producers Ball, Crown Holdings and Ardagh Metal Packaging; Cable producers Nexans; and aluminium technology company Gränges, among others, have already endorsed Aluminium Forward 2030.

The coalition aims to protect and enhance the societal value of aluminium in all its applications. It also gives members the opportunity to be part of a learning community that will transform the future of supply chains.

Ramon Arratia – Global Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer of Ball Corporation – said: “Aluminium has great short and medium term decarbonisation potential with circularity and other levers. We look forward to working with the IAI and the Aluminium Forward 2030 coalition to accelerate the decarbonisation of our sector by collaborating with the full value chain.”

John Rost, VP Global Sustainability & Regulatory Affairs, Crown Holdings said: “The future of our planet requires us to be active participants in making change. We cannot be bystanders. For this reason, we are proud to be a part of Aluminium Forward 2030. 

“Sustainability is a focus of everything we do. In our own organisation, we are advancing our Twentyby30 sustainability program by utilising more renewable electricity solutions and reducing our energy consumption, as well as driving toward ambitious recycling rate targets to reduce material and resource waste. It is only through the sharing of strategies that we can do our best to minimise our carbon footprint and fight against climate change.”

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