Sherwin-Williams releases sustainable packaging white paper

Sherwin-Williams Packaging Coatings has published a white paper titled “Can Coatings: Unlocking the Future of Sustainable Packaging” about the critical role coatings play in the future of sustainable packaging for the European food, beverage and household good markets.

The paper illustrates why metal cans are favoured by the market due to their infinite recyclability, and safety and performance benefits – contributing to a circular economy.

The paper also explains how can coatings play an integral role in mitigating can corrosion and supporting sustainability goals, particularly examining Sherwin-Williams valPure V70, the world’s first non-BPA epoxy coating that delivers exceptional corrosion protection, flavour preservation and pack performance while meeting rigorous international food safety regulations.

“As regulatory agencies continue to evaluate proposals that limit the use of BPA-based products, now is a good time for industry stakeholders to re-evaluate their can coatings,” says Sarah Dubail, Sherwin-Williams senior regulatory specialist.

“valPure® V70 is a globally recognised non-BPA epoxy can coating engineered to provide the same industry standard of epoxy coatings and is backed by more than 10 years of research and development.”

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