Bombay Sapphire launches cocktails in matte-finish cans

Gin brand Bombay Sapphire is introducing a new canned cocktail in matte-finish packaging.

It is introducing Bombay Pressé Citrus Collins, which is inspired by the Tom Collins Cocktail.

The new beverage, which is made with gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and soda water, will be holding in the UK and Germany.

The 250ml cans have a matte-finish and are also fully recyclable.

Claire Layfield, Brand Director for Bombay Sapphire UK & Ireland, said: “Following the success of the launch of BOMBAY Citron Pressé last year, we’re thrilled to launch a ready-to-drink version, inspired by the iconic Tom Collins cocktail.

“Packed with vibrant, zesty, citrus notes, the BOMBAY Pressé Citrus Collins promises to be unrivalled when it comes to taste.

“It has been skilfully crafted to showcase the signature juniper and citrus notes of BOMBAY Citron Pressé gin, meaning fans can enjoy a bar-standard cocktail and the quality that BOMBAY SAPPHIRE is known for.

“The beauty of our ready-to-drink portfolio is that the emphasis is placed on convenience, but not at the expense of taste.”

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