Monster accuses Red Bull of anti-competitive tactics

Monster Beverage Corp has accused Red Bull of targeting it with anti-competitive practices.

Red Bull was the subject of a raid by European Union antitrust regulators last week on suspicion of it taking part in a cartel and also abusing its dominance.

Monster Energy told Reuters that it believed it had been subject of anti-competitive tactics from its rival energy drink brand.

“Monster believes it has been the subject of Red Bull’s anti-competitive tactics,” the company told Reuters in an email.

“We are therefore not surprised by the Commission’s decision to commence an investigation into Red Bull in multiple Member States under Articles 101 and 102. Monster Energy supports the Commission’s inquiries.”

Red Bull confirmed the EU raids, but also declined to comment on Monster Energy’s allegations.

“Officials of the EU Commission visited our premises on Monday 20 March. We will cooperate with them in any matters that may concern them. Any such matter is for the EU Commission and any requests for further information should be directed to them,” a Red Bull spokesperson told Reuters.

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