DRS forces brewer to put ‘not for sale in Scotland’ on cans

An English craft brewer is putting ‘not for sale in Scotland’ on its cans.

Three Blind Mice took the decision amid fears it could be hit with fines under the Deposit Return Scheme [DRS] in the country.

Under the scheme, that launches in August, a 20p deposit will be added to all single use cans and bottles.

The brewer claimed that it would be required to pay a £350 fee to register each type of beer product under the DRS.

Three Blind Mice produces small runs of specialist beers, and says that the fee has put it off selling its products in Scotland.

Director Alex Bragg told the PA news agency it took the decision in case a third-party selling sold its products in Scotland, leaving it potentially liable for fines.

He said: “I have seen it talked about in brewing forums, they’re saying ‘don’t sell in Scotland or you might be hit with a hefty fine’.

“It’s on all our cans, we’ve only got about four [types of] cans, we put it on about a month ago. I know a lot of other brewers are going to be doing it.”

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