INX International invests in Gooten

INX International Ink Co. has completed an investment agreement in Gooten, a technology and fulfilment company with US headquarters in New York. 

This deal will help Gooten expand its print-on-demand manufacturing network and capabilities globally while enabling INX to accelerate its strategy in digital printing.

This is the first investment announced since INX established its $50M INX Venture Capital investment programme in May 2022, with the intent of furthering collaboration with technology and materials science startups that are relevant to the printing inks and coatings value chain. 

Gooten is a globally distributed company that operates a smart supply chain for brands wanting to utilise on-demand manufacturing. 

The company does so by combining proprietary technology and operational expertise with a worldwide network of 30+ best-in-class manufacturing partners. 

Gooten’s digital infrastructure enables automated order fulfilment for eCommerce businesses, retailers, and global merchandise companies to scale production in an on-demand, inventory-free environment.

“We are excited to welcome INX as an investor in Gooten,” said Brian Rainey, Chief Executive Officer at Gooten. “As a globally recognised leader in high performance printing inks and coatings, INX’s investment in Gooten recognises our shared commitment to sustainability, quality, and excellence in everything we do. 

“With the support of INX, we are excited to continue driving innovation, expanding our reach, and delivering exceptional value to our customers and partners through Gooten’s sustainable, on-demand fulfilment model.”

Shane Bertsch, INX Vice President of Strategic Planning and Innovation, anticipates being able to develop products and invest more resources in the direct-to-object (DTO) segment through the Gooten relationship.

“We see Gooten as a catalyst for enabling sustainable, on-demand manufacturing across several categories of interest for INX,” said Bertsch. “We are eager to partner with the Gooten team to bring high quality digital printing solutions and services to our customers and partners.”

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