Itipack Systems Pallet Strapping machines for cans, glass & PET products

One of the biggest challenges when sealing, packaging, and palletising glass, cans, or PET products is sorting items to keep them stable while avoiding product damage.

Itipack tying machines offer quality technology that applies the right level of compression, precision, and consistency to ensure your product is tied to the highest standards. Depending on volume and specific industrial needs, Itipack offers several options specifically designed for glass, can and PET products.

As recognised experts in the strapping machine industry, Itipack understands your business needs are unique. This is why Itipack designs and manufactures strapping machines for canned products that are completely customised to your packaging needs. Itipack ensures your machine is fully equipped with features to optimise performance and productivity at an unmatched pace. In addition to strapping head options and fully selectable side compression, the strapping machine has the following features:

  • Machine Line – Itipack’s machines offer optional integration of multiple automated machines.
  • Pallet – Fully adjustable pallet gap bayonet on both sides for accuracy and precision.

Itipack machines can hold even the heaviest of pallets and require only a few straps to hold products consistently and accurately. This allows you to reduce material consumption and minimise your carbon footprint. Combining innovative technology in Itipack’s equipment with trusted engineers ensures a customised solution to fit your unique business application for glass, can or PET products.

The importance of the strapping machine is endless. Each Itipack machine is designed to provide dependable, long-lasting durability for whatever your packaging project involves. Proper strapping and system applications improve business productivity and reduce the time it takes to manually pack products.

Whatever your application, Itipack has a solution for you and your business. Itipack’s experienced engineers work with you to design a cost-effective, reliable, and bespoke system for your business.

For more information, please contact your Itipack sales representative.

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