WKD introduces 250ml cans

WKD has announced that it is launched new 250ml cans across its range.

Brand owner SHS Drinks believes the introduction of aluminium cans will open up additional usage occasions of WKS.

Customers will be able to find WKD cans in four and 10-packs of the Blue variety, while there will also be 10-pack variety available, which will be rolled out in April and May.

Despite the introduction of aluminium beverage cans, there will be no changes on the flavours that WKD production or the ABV, while the 700ml glass bottles will still remain on sale.

Alison Gray, head of brand – WKD at SHS Drinks, said: “This initiative gives WKD consumers the convenience and portability that they crave. The move plays to a real increase in consumer appetite for cans, which are now seen as a leading format in the RTD category. We want to do everything possible to ensure that WKD remains both at the forefront of the category and as affordable as possible for consumers.

“Cans are not only considered as highly convenient by our core 18 to 24-year-old consumers, these drinkers also see the slimline style as a fun format which fits very naturally with the WKD brand. We expect our 250ml offering to open up additional usage occasions, and the new cans herald the start of an extremely exciting summer for the brand.”

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