Ska Brewing uses CanCollar for multipack cans

Ska Brewing will reduce plastic waste on its multipack products by using CanCollar.

The brewer has installed the CanCollar Corsair machine, provided by WestRock, to apply paperboard packaging to its four and six-pack canned offering.

It will reduce plastic consumption by 95% compared to plastic multipack alternatives.

“The CanCollar, which promotes circularity, will immediately reduce the amount of plastic Ska contributes to the environment by approximately four tons per year,” says Ska Brewing COO Steve Breezley. 

“This contributes to a reduction in overall waste and the carbon footprint associated with the shipping and storage of our products. The innovation, ethos and ethics behind this solution are what we’re all about.”

Ska is the first craft brewery in North America to implement the fibre-based solution.

“We saw the opportunity to implement this fiber-based CanCollar and we’re jumping on it. We hope it will become the industry standard moving forward,” says co-Founder and CEO Dave Thibodeau.

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