Vinette canned wines to be imported by Singapore convenience store chain

Singapore convenience stores uMart will be the first the country to sell Vinette Wines – that come in aluminium cans.

Vinette’s signature collection of canned wines will be available in five varieties: Rosé, Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot, Sweet Sparkle Wine.

The South African canned wines are being imported in Singapore by V-Etico Services Pte Ltd.

Vinette’s canned wines have set a new benchmark for their quality, with “very good” ratings by USA Wine Ratings for their Chenin Blanc – 89 points and Chardonnay – 87 points. Their outstanding Rosé scored 93 points and a Gold Award in 2021.

Vinette has been awarded the Gold Medal by the world-renowned ‘Gilbert & Gaillard International Challenge.

The beverages will be priced at $12 for every 250ml can and $22.50 for any two cans.

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