Sandon launches Deco Unit

Sandon Global has penned a supply agreement for its new patented range of lightweight metal decorating ‘Deco Unit’ products, developed in partnership with Stolle Machinery.

The Deco Unit is comprised of Sandon’s GravLite, MagPro and GlidePro technologies, and is the result of an extensive seven-year research and development program.

The supply partnership with Stolle represents an important step forward for Sandon in the DWI beverage can sector, where the business seeks to support production efficiency, as well as health and safety. 

John Millington, CEO at Sandon, said: “For this project, we formed a MetDec division within our engineering business. We initially wanted to build on GravLite, our successful lightweight sleeve designed for use in over-varnish units in the canning industry.

“This organically led to the development of our MagPro sleeve plate mounting system and GlidePro® applicator sleeve, now working in synergy as our Deco Unit system. 

Millington continued: “We had a key goal in mind – to remove the antiquated requirement to lift heavy-weight items in and out of the deco station during label changes. We have achieved that with our Deco Unit, helping to protect operatives and support health and safety, while dramatically reducing changeover times.

“In fact, we’ve already seen boosted productivity and very positive feedback from operatives using the system. The Deco Unit is a showcase of what Sandon’s class-leading expertise can accomplish, and we look forward to taking further steps into the DWI beverage can sector.” 

Within its 50,000ft2 facility, the business offers ‘one-stop’ in-house manufacturing and thermal plasma coating development capability, backed by a metallurgical laboratory, boasting the latest technology in thermal coating analysis.  

Developing coating technologies, the business works closely with academic institutions in the Manchester, UK area.

Sandon aims to push the boundaries of specialist thermal coatings and finishes, as well as extending the life and quality of manufacturing components. 

Millington added: “As plastics come under even closer scrutiny, canmakers are looking for growth catalysts and Sandon sits at the very forefront of this drive. We’re proud of our accomplishments so far with the development of our lightweight Deco system, and we’re delighted to partner with Stolle in this endeavour.

“We look forward to a long-lasting and successful relationship!” 

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