Monaco Cocktails adds to RTD line-up

Building upon consistent double-digit growth in recent years driven by innovation in the single-serve category, Monaco Cocktails announced a new line of ready-to-drink Margaritas. 

Expanding upon the brand’s popular tequila portfolio, the line includes two distinct flavour profiles: Lime and Watermelon, with Classic and Spicy varieties for each.

Launching ahead of summer, when consumers are especially excited to be out and about with friends, Monaco Margaritas are expected to be the premier drink for those who are ready to “awaken the party spirit.” 

Featuring a “high-energy” packaging design, each can packs a punch at 9% ABV.

“Beyond the popularity of tequila-based drinks like margaritas, consumers are more interested than ever in exploring new flavours – especially spicy ones,” said Don Deubler, CEO of Monaco’s Parent Company, Atomic Brands. 

“Our Margarita line speaks to this demand and allows customers to either feel the spirit or feel the spice.”

Monaco Margaritas adds to the brand’s line of vodka-based Hard Lemonades, including newly launched Strawberry, as well as their well-known baseline canned cocktails: Lime Crush, Watermelon Crush, Citrus Rush and Blue Crush.

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