UK to block imports of Russian aluminium

European Aluminium

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced a new wave of sanctions against Russia – including on aluminium imports from the country.

Speaking at the G7 Summit in Japan, Sunak said he was leading the way on new sanctions against Russia amid its continued war in Ukraine.

Russian aluminium, copper and nickel imports will be blocked under new legislation set to be introduced later this year.

Diamond imports to the UK will also be banned – with the country’s diamond exports said to be worth £3.2billion.

“We believe in democracy, freedom, the rule of law – and it’s right that we stand up for those things,” Mr Sunak told the BBC.

“I’m hopeful and confident that our partner countries will follow as they have done when we’ve done this previously.

“That will make the sanctions more effective, ensure that Russia pays a price for its illegal activity.”

The UK government is also targeting a further 86 individuals and companies with sanctions who have connections to Vladimir Putin.

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