Ska Fabricating launches BAM Bulk Palletiser

Ska Fabricating announced the launch of the BAM Bulk Palletiser that it describes as a revolutionary solution for the direct to container decorating industry.

The BAM Bulk Palletiser offers a completely automatic solution for palletising: it efficiently stacks layers of empty cans with tier sheet and top frame placement, banding, and pallet management. 

Empty pallets are also managed before they are fed into the palletiser, and once decorated, cans are conveyed into the palletiser where neat layers are formed, swept onto a pallet, and separated with tier sheets. 

When the pallet is complete, a top frame is placed and the pallet is transferred to the outfeed conveyor for banding. 

Ska Fabricating says this machine is ideal for palletising cans at speeds up to 1,000 CPM, and is a wholly automatic solution for this industry.

Steve Sherman, CEO of Ska Fab, said: “What’s happened in the printing industry is that the throughputs on that capital equipment are doubling, they’re tripling, so this isn’t five percent growth or eight percent growth, but printers that are being installed on the line that might have been 90 CPM are now 500 CPM and they are saying “give me more.”  

“As line speeds grow in the direct to container digital printing and can manufacturing industry, customers looked to Ska Fab first to find solutions for these challenges so that they could be matched on both the depalletising and palletising sides of their large scale capital equipment.  

“Ska Fabricating answered this call by unveiling the BAM Bulk Palletiser: a high-speed palletising solution for the direct to container digital printing and can manufacturing industries.”

Ska Fabricating is headed to the Craft Brewers Conference from May 7-10 in Nashville.

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