Crown named as one of America’s climate leaders

In recognition of ongoing efforts to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, Crown Holdings, Inc. has landed on USA TODAY’s inaugural America’s Climate Leaders list, developed by market research firm Statista. 

Applying a data-driven approach to evaluate corporate carbon footprints, the ranking identified Crown as one of the top-performing companies for emissions reduction from an original pool of 2,000 U.S.-based organisations, underscoring Crown’s industry leadership in sustainability.

In initiating the first America’s Climate Leaders list, USA TODAY aimed to provide helpful guidance for investors and customers evaluating the sustainability trajectories of their partners or potential partners, understanding proactive climate action will only become increasingly important to future business viability and profitability. 

The outlet cites companies’ climate impact and ability to demonstrate progress as essential not only to meeting government requirements but also to preserving positive investor, customer and consumer perception.

To help these groups more effectively analyse corporate sustainability performance, USA TODAY’s research partner Statista studied factors for each organisation including emissions intensity relative to revenue, annualised reductions in emissions intensity, CDP ranking, business practices and Scope 1 and 2 emissions data. 

Only companies that demonstrated significant emissions reductions and ethical business practices were considered for the ranking, which was ultimately narrowed down to 400 recognised entities. 

Crown’s inclusion on the list reflects the Company’s dedication to meeting its commitments and showing movement in its action plans.

“It is our priority to continue advancing the emissions reduction goals we set with our Twentyby30 sustainability program, and we are honoured to be included in USA TODAY’s inaugural America’s Climate Leaders list as a result of that progress,” said John Rost, Ph.D., Vice President, Global Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs at Crown. 

“With climate action as a critical concern across the globe, we must do our part as a major organisation to show that not only is it possible to reduce our carbon footprint and still maintain a successful business, but it is imperative to do so. We look forward to furthering our collaboration with others in the supply chain to increase our collective impact for years to come.”

Built around 20 measurable sustainability goals to be completed by or before the end of 2030, Crown’s Twentyby30 sustainability program not only includes three core objectives centred around emissions reduction within its Climate Action pillar, but also targets other environmental issues including water preservation, recycling and ethical sourcing. 

The company’s latest results from this strategy will be published in an upcoming sustainability report detailing progress throughout 2022.

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