Steelforce Packaging unveils new industrial centre

Steelforce Packaging, a leading provider of steel, tinplate, and aluminium solutions, has
announced the grand opening of its new state-of-the-art service centre.

This milestone marks a significant expansion for Steelforce Packaging and represents a
major step forward in its commitment to delivering innovative products and exceptional customer service globally.

The new facility is strategically located in Zona Franca International del Atlántico Zofia, in the municipality of Galapa.

The plant boasts a sprawling 5.268 square meters of space dedicated to advanced
production processes and innovation.

Equipped with the latest technological advancements and machinery, the facility enables Steelforce Packaging to increase production capacity and enhance operational efficiency, ensuring faster turnaround times and exceptional product quality.

The facility incorporates the latest technology, including includes two cutting lines: one scroll cutting and the other straight cutting, with an installed capacity of 80,000 tons per year, for cutting tin-free steel and aluminium.

The installation of the first three line lacquering lines started in February 2023 and will be completed at the end of June 2023. The second line’s installation will start in late 2023 and bring the current 20 million passes capacity to 50 million passes. The plant also features a two colour printing line that will be operational at the end of September 2023.

The varnishing line, brought from Italy with an oven of approximately 24 meters long and with a capacity to varnish and apply inks (lithography) for 8 to 12 thousand tons per year, which is equivalent to about 15 million passes per year. The capacity layout allows for increased flexibility and scalability. This allows Steelforce Packaging to meet growing customer demands, while also facilitating the development of new and innovative products.

Steelforce Packaging has placed a strong emphasis on quality control measures within the new facility. By implementing robust inspection protocols and state-of-the-art quality management systems, the company ensures that every product leaving the facility meets the highest industry standards.

CEO, Davide Padovani expressed his excitement about the new facility: ‘’The opening of our new facility represents a significant milestone for Steelforce Packaging. This investment demonstrates our unwavering commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services.

“Having this location allows us to provide our customers in North America with sheeting, coating, and graphics resources with a logistical advantage, even with the new ITC restrictions in other countries. We are proud to be at the forefront of service innovation and look forward to exceeding our customers’ expectations.

The opening of the new manufacturing facility is a testament to Steelforce Packaging’s dedication to growth, innovation, and customer satisfaction. With expanded production capabilities and a relentless focus on excellence, Steelforce Packaging is poised to lead the steel industry and contribute to the success of its valued customers.’’

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