Latamcan supplier focus preview


A brief look at what the industry can look forward to from suppliers at Latamcan 2023 in Mexico City.


Actega has a wide ecosystem of speciality coatings, inks, adhesives and sealing compounds for metal packaging combined with digital solutions for the most efficient production processes. Products by Actega stand out for their high-value functionalities, visual appearance, reliability, and efficient application.  

The award-winning rotarflow by Actega Spain is the digital solution for monitoring and performing immediate adjustments of the amount of sealant applied onto can end by rotary liners. Any deviation from the dry film weight target value is automatically corrected by rotarflow. Rotarflow controlled process achieves the highest consistency of sealant application.

The Artistica RB1006Z3 sealant has become the first sealant for metal cans to be granted the highest platinum level of the craddle2craddle product standard. The sealant can be applied with the lowest dry film weight on the market.

Bunting Magnetics

Bunting is your one-stop source for all magnetic decorator cylinders.  The company manufactures cylinders for every decorator brand and usually deliver in 90 days or less. Whether you have a straight shaft or tapered shaft decorator, they can supply cylinders that meet your specifications.  Bunting makes cylinders for Rutherford-style, Concord, Mall-Herlan, Hinterkopf, Polytype, and Packsys Global.  

In its new state-of-the-art decorator cylinder facility, the company runs some of the newest, most accurate equipment available today. You can be assured that every cylinder is machined to the highest quality possible and is 100% inspected to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Custom Machining Corporation 

Custom Machining Corporation (CMC), located in Colorado US, is pleased to display its table details about the new generation high-speed compound liner that offers output speeds of up to 5500 epm—more than double the output of previous generation rotary liners.  

Introducing the patented 20-head Model MT-20 rotary compound liner, suitable for aluminium end sizes ranging from 113 to 209.  (it can also be configured for tinplate ends, the number of heads is dependent upon end size).  Like two liners in one, its 18 square-foot design footprint recognizes that floorspace is always a premium in an ends plant. The system has a single compound supply.  And it was developed using the same components as CMC’s other rotary liners for spare parts compatibility.

The machine is equipped with a longer cam to increase uptime and a shorter exit, allowing for increased output speed.  

CPM Packaging Group

Will present its extensive portfolio, including can washers and dryers, internal bake ovens, pin ovens and bespoke conveying systems. 

Sustainability will be at the forefront of the event where the team will be introducing our new innovative product offerings which can significantly reduce energy and water usage for canmakers. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the new hybrid oven, which is powered by gas and electricity and can be retrofitted onto most existing ovens. We will also be presenting the new soluble oil coolant filtration solution, which provides faster and more effective oil separation.

The team will be on hand to discuss our bespoke conveying systems which are designed and manufactured in-house at our UK-based facility. Proline is the industry leader and quality reference in can conveyance, from coil to pallet, providing the most advanced solutions in air conveying, vacuum transfer, combiners and inspection conveyors to name just a few.


DRT specialises in design and manufacture of high-speed conversion systems and precision tooling for the food and beverage metal end market.  Investing in people, customer service, and capacity, DRT is focused on bringing world-class technical expertise, security of supply, and ground-breaking innovation to support global growth in metal packaging.

DRT is built upon a strong history of innovation, with our founder Ernie Fraze, creating the integral rivet, the key technology behind every modern easy open end produced today. DRT is going back to its roots in innovation by investing in world-class talent, implementing best-in-class development processes, adding capacity to meet and support new product development offerings, leaning into co-developments and customer collaborations, and protecting decades-deep knowledge through retention and succession to secure the next generation of innovators. 


With a recent position by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to lower the BPA threshold in food by 20,000, current analytical techniques cannot ensure the compliance of BPA-NI coatings. Exterior coatings based on BPA epoxy can potentially transfer BPA to internal BPA-NI internal coatings. Even at extremely low levels in the exterior coating, ensuring compliance with the new EFSA proposal will not be possible. 

Therefore, BPA-NI coatings must be developed for exterior coating applications where BPA epoxy was used. Another important regulation change that impacts the metal packaging industry is the hexavalent chromium ban from tin plate by 2024. Metal suppliers have come up with new chromium-free, treated tin plates, but it significantly impacts coating performance and the choice of binders used in coating formulations. The company will share examples of properties impacted by the change of surface treatment for the tin plate, like sulphur stain resistance, strong acid resistance or adhesion and potential solutions when using Eastman Tetrashield binder in new coating formulations. 

Hyperion Materials & Technologies

Hyperion Materials & Technologies, a US-based global materials science company that specialises in developing advanced hard and super-hard materials, is proud to be part of Latamcan 2023. A long-time partner to the global can making industry, Hyperion applies its materials science and engineering expertise to develop new materials and custom tooling solutions that optimise performance and efficiency while reducing spoilage and stoppage time for changeovers. 

Members of Hyperion’s can tooling team will be available during the exhibition to share how the company supports can makers with the current challenges of finding a partner that can provide delivery security, flexibility, and consistent product quality. Hyperion’s recent investments to expand its global manufacturing and support capacity, and into the research and development of new materials have positioned the company as a partner committed to serving the future challenges of the can making industry. 

INX International

INX executives Jack Knight and Eduardo Ribeiro will discuss developments that are impacting the metal decorating industry today and what can be done about them now and in the future.

On Thursday 13 July, Ribeiro will give a 20 minute presentation about ink related issues and coming changes to current regulations, starting at 11:50 a.m. in the three-piece room. A few minutes later at 12:30 p.m., Knight will lead a 75 minute roundtable discussion of industry executives in the same room on the future of coatings for metal cans.

Ribeiro is the director of metal operations for INX do Brasil in Sao Paolo, Brazil. “The idea is to give our customers some clarifications on why they need to take a closer look at some ink related issues and how that impacts their costs,” he said. “Small adjustments to their processes can have a big impact on their bottom line.”

Industrial Physics

A desire to innovate is driving many manufacturers towards metal packaging – that’s what research from Industrial Physics suggests. According to their original research report, 57% of packaging professionals say that waste reduction is a top goal for packaging innovation.  The global packaging, product, and material test and inspection business surveyed more than 280 packaging decision makers across the world – and they’ll be sharing their insights at this year’s Latamcan event.

The research indicated a strong growth towards metal packaging options – with opportunities around lightweighting and alternative material choice proving attractive to respondents. The insights also highlighted top investment areas for manufacturers – with recyclability, waste reduction, choosing bio-degradable materials, and reducing the use of plastic, all coming out on top. 

Unpack the report – and the original research – here

Pride Engineering

Pride Engineering is completely focused on helping two-piece can makers make more quality cans. Pride Engineering provides the best technology for bottom formers, tool packs and tool room grinders. This year at Latamcan the company looks forward to highlighting its IIoT enabled bottom former.


RIC team provide full solution on the tin can components in the food and chemical industry packing, our high quality product could help you save cost and improve quality.

Food can bottoms and peel off ends(POE) is our main products for food package, size from 200 to 603, coating including gold lacquer, clear lacquer, aluminium paste, white coating and BPA free, widely used for fish cans, tomato paste Cans, fruit cans, and other dry food cans.

Industrial can components from RIC Package includes Paint Can Ring Lid Bottoms, Drum & Pail top and bottoms, Brake Fluid Can components and others. Full size and coating available, with long years’ experience in domestic market, our product could satisfy your requirement by a top level.

RIC Package also provide a better solution in customisation, using your design and samples, our engineer team could prepare a 100% same mold and products, which the mold cost could be free. Besides the dimension design, RIC Package can meet your customisation in standard, coating brand and other requirements.


Roger Baker, director of operational services, will present in a two-piece can making forum. Martha Rojas, who recently joined Roeslein as global business development executive, is being recognised with the 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award. Those interested in data management will be thrilled to know that a member of Roeslein’s systems engineering team will be available to discuss utilising data to optimise facility performance. Additional team members will be available to discuss how Roeslein can aid customers in productivity improvement, line expansions, and size changes. Its team of professionals will highlight the company’s increased product and service offerings, including its newly redesigned ultra violet bottom coater with LED technology and many conveyance updates. 

SAS Pack Ventures

‘Lotus Layer Pad’ is a flexible yet rigid board which is largely used as a separator media placed between layers of containers. It is manufactured to comply with packaging standards of food and beverage industry. As a separator, its design feature incorporates memory and flexibility which creates a smooth and flat surface for the layers of containers to rest. It’s prime property is ‘flexural rigidity’, which is the core need of such a packaging product. Its Lotus Layer Pad has extended life and can be reused multiple times.


Stolle will have a significant presence at Latamcan, and is looking forward to presenting all of the company’s latest sustainable innovations that were featured at Metpack in May. These include their evolving smart decorator technology that includes the inkjector and remote registration. 

These two elements allow the fountain keys and plate cylinders to be controlled from the HMI screen through insight, Stolle’s exciting interactive interface that’s being developed to control and monitor many Stolle machines and processes. Also being featured is Stolle’s recent agreement with Sandon Global to exclusively offer their MagPro, Gravlite and Glidepro systems that make decorator cylinder and roll changes much faster and safer through lightweight pneumatic technology. Other machines being featured are the new higher speed EHSL compound end liner, Stolle’s water and energy-efficient Optimus Washer, and significant improvements to the ragsdale bodymaker redraw and ram guidance systems.  

T.D. Wright

T.D. Wright is known for making the original adjustable tapered shaft for the metal decorating industry.  Our flagship ENOC System revolutionised the way label changes are performed and has become the industry standard for the Rutherford decorator.  ENOC shafts are manufactured with lubrication free Hycomp bearing material, ceramic and chrome seal diameters, and hardened steel.  The ENOC System is unmatched in quality and has proven longevity. Since 1975, T.D. Wright has been dedicated to producing innovative and reliable magnetic cylinders.  Our Modular Magnetic design and precision manufacturing are combined to produce the strength and reliability of T.D. Wright products.

At Latamcan 2023 the company is showcasing its improved lead times and streamlined manufacturing techniques used to produce our line of metal decorating products.

WALLRAM Can Tooling and Engineering

Even if a large variety of metal packaging is available – two-piece or three-piece, in the form of a tube, bottle or can – WALLRAM provides always the right tools for the manufacturing process.

Wether cupper-press, bodymaker, necker, trimmer or decorator: WALLRAM tools can be found in applications all over the world.The high quality and wear resistance of WALLRAM tools contribute to a reduction of production costs by extending service life and reducing scrap.

The comprehensive regrinding service increases the tool life cycle and supports sustainable and environmentally friendly production.

Quaker Houghton 

Quaker Houghton is a partner in progress to the world’s most successful can manufacturing companies. Whether lubricating, cleaning, or coating, can manufacturing companies need to constantly evolve in order to continue to grow and deliver even greater value to their customers. With R&D laboratories on five continents, Quaker Houghton continually refines our products, and creates new solutions, so that our customers can stay ahead in a changing world. Innovation is at the core of Quaker Houghton, when it comes to improving your overall business, and getting the most from your process equipment and other plant resources, you need the expertise and experience of an established, recognized solutions provider to the industry. 

Quaker Houghton will be exhibiting at Latamcan 2023, showcasing our new product technologies; low temperature acid cleaner, bodymaker coolant, and neat oil cupping lubricant. 

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