Right Coast Spirits releases new canned cocktail line

Right Coast Spirits, a joint venture of three craft breweries – Flying Dog, Harpoon and Saranac – has released a new canned cocktail line: Margarita Whips. 

Margarita Whips builds on the success of its predecessor – Vodka Whips – as a handcrafted ready-to-drink canned cocktail made with real fruit and real tequila with a smooth whipped fruit finish.

Margarita Whips are crisp, refreshing and fruity margaritas in a can made with real tequila and real fruit – making the taste and appearance as real as it gets. With a robust ABV of 7.5%, The Margarita Whips are Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Kosher and come in four tempting flavours:

  • Lime – Made with real lime, the Lime Margarita Whips will quench your thirst, with the tartness of the lime sweetened by the smooth whipped fruit finish.
  • Strawberry – This flavour is the perfectly balanced margarita with sweetness of real strawberry complemented with a tart pinch of real lime—no blender required.
  • Cranberry – This unexpected margarita flavour lights up taste buds with a bright, tartness of real cranberry, which highlights the smoothness of the tequila and whipped fruit finish.
  • Mango – The smooth sweetness of real mango complements the spiciness of the tequila – not to mention the splash of lime to shake up your tastebuds.

The ready-to-drink (RTDs) cocktail category has experienced exponential growth over the past years and data shows consumers are reaching for RTDs year-round, not just for the summer months. 

According to Drizly’s BevAlc Insights report on RTDs, category sales are consistent across all seasons. Right Coast’s Margarita Whips are squarely in this exploding category and introduce a new and unexpected whipped finish, an emerging trend that started at bars on the shores of Maryland.

“When we created Right Coast Spirits, we knew we were creating something special. The consumer response to the Vodka Whips has been overwhelming. It’s clear people want an option where real vodka and real fruit are combined to make a truly unique cocktail experience,” said Fred Matt, CEO & President, Saranac. 

“That’s why Margarita Whips was a natural next step for us. It brings the same real fruit that consumers loved, but with tequila – at an ABV and price point people have been craving.”

Last year, Right Coast Spirits released their Vodka Whips line. Vodka Whips is an 7.5% ABV canned cocktail made with real fruit and real vodka, coming in four flavours: Pineapple, Orange, Watermelon and Wild Berry. The product is Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Kosher.

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