Roeslein & Associates to merge with sister company

Roeslein & Associates is excited to announce its merger with sister company Roeslein Alternative Energy. This strategic merger brings together two companies, solidifying their position at the forefront of sustainable and renewable energy solutions.

The merger between Roeslein & Associates and Roeslein Alternative Energy represents a union of expertise, innovation, and shared values. By combining forces, the companies aim to leverage their collective strengths and resources to advance the development and implementation of renewable energy solutions worldwide.

Roeslein Alternative Energy, a leading provider of advanced waste-to-energy and renewable energy technologies, has a proven track record in delivering sustainable solutions that address the global energy challenges of today. With its extensive experience in biogas, biomass, and environmental technologies, Roeslein Alternative Energy has successfully established itself as a trusted partner in the renewable energy sector.

Roeslein & Associates, renowned for its expertise in engineering, modular fabrication, and construction, has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional turnkey solutions to clients in various industries. With a commitment to quality, safety, and efficiency, Roeslein & Associates has consistently exceeded expectations and set industry standards.

The merger of the two companies creates a formidable entity poised to revolutionize the energy landscape. By integrating their respective strengths, the companies will expand their capabilities, further innovate their technologies, and provide comprehensive solutions that address the growing demand for sustainable energy solutions across the globe.

“This merger is an exciting milestone for both Roeslein & Associates and Roeslein Alternative Energy,” said Rudi Roeslein, Founder and Chairman of Roeslein & Associates. “Together, we will amplify our impact and offer our clients an even broader range of sustainable energy solutions. By combining our expertise and resources, we are well-positioned to drive the transition to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.”

The consolidation of their expertise and resources will facilitate greater collaboration, knowledge sharing, and synergy in advancing sustainable energy solutions. The leadership teams of both companies are committed to ensuring a seamless integration process, maintaining excellent customer service, and fostering a collaborative culture that promotes innovation and excellence as One Roeslein.

For further information about Roeslein & Associates and Roeslein Alternative Energy, please visit their respective websites at and

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