Wildpack upgrades Baltimore co-packing line

Wildpack Beverage Inc. has completed a comprehensive upgrade to its Baltimore co-packing line.

Wildpack’s co-packing segment has seen dramatically increasing and sustained demand in 2023 which is also a major driver of demand in our decorating, printing, and brokering segments. 

As such, the company undertook an approximate $2 million upgrade which took approximately two weeks to complete.

Production is scheduled to recommence on July 24, 2023. The upgrades and projected key performance indicators of this project include(d):

  • Increased filling speed by 122.2% from 90 to 200 cans per minute
  • Replaced in-line filler with rotary filler to reduce scrap rates by approximately 10.0%
  • Automated all post-fill packaging equipment to reduce direct costs such as labour, by approximately 20.0% on a per can basis
  • Installed a new high-speed pasteuriser unit capable of matching the increased filling cans per minute
  • Re-plumbed our facility utility infrastructure to drastically decrease batching time and improve efficiency
  • Installed racking and improved warehouse layout to improve general efficiency

Taking all these improvements into consideration, Management expects the throughput of this line to increase by approximately 2.0x over the next three months. 

Wildpack has also relocated its Director of Co-Packing Operations to Baltimore to oversee the facility during this critical ramp period.

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