Ball puts ASI logo on beverage can

Ball Corporation has collaborated with Cervejaria Masterpiece to introduce the first-ever ASI on-product logo on a beverage can in the design of their newly released Donatello Barley Wine. 

This collaboration not only signifies the companies’ sustainable practices but also demonstrates the industry’s dedication to responsible production, stewardship and sourcing of aluminium.

This is the first can featuring ASI’s Responsible Aluminium Sourcing logo, a milestone that carries significant weight, as it represents the tangible outcome of responsible sourcing and demonstrates the application of sustainable practices along the aluminium value chain.

The ASI on-product logo serves as an assurance to consumers that the aluminium used in Cervejaria Masterpiece’s Donatello Barley Wine can meets the requirements set out in ASI’s Standards. 

The introduction of the first on-product logo on a beverage can shows the growing recognition and importance of responsible sourcing within the industry.

Ball Corporation stands out as one of ASI’s most certified members, having obtained 14 certifications, including six Performance Standard and eight Chain of Custody Standard Certifications at their 76 facilities and offices spanning across North and South America, Asia, and Europe.

As an Industrial User member of ASI, Cervejaria Masterpiece exemplifies their commitment to embracing sustainable practices. Their partnership with Ball Corporation in the unveiling the on-product logo underscores their dedication to the stewardship and responsible sourcing of aluminium. 

In this case, Cervejaria Masterpiece has leveraged the dual ASI Certification of its aluminium can supplier Ball Corporation, to be able to apply the ASI ResponsibleAluminium Sourcing logo to their cans.

For ASI Members to use ASI’s Responsible Aluminium Sourcing logo for their products, they must both achieve Performance Standard and Chain of Custody Standard Certifications. Additionally, any on-product claims also require ASI approval. 

This involves holding both certifications, sourcing and utilising CoC Material from CoC Certified Entities, and maintaining material Chain of Custody. This approach lays the groundwork for producers to make credible responsible sourcing claims.

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