Brooklyn Brewery launches limited edition cans

Brooklyn Brewery has unveiled limited-edition Brooklyn Lager featuring Notorious B.I.G. in homage to his vibrant legacy and in celebration of Hip-Hop’s 50th Anniversary.

This limited release of Brooklyn Lager for a limited time will feature an iconic image of Brooklyn’s favourite son, capturing his larger-than-life persona and serving as a testament to his creative legacy and profound impact on the hip-hop community, as well as in fashion, style, photography, and more. 

The limited-edition artwork will be available across all packs and sizes, starting in August, while supplies last.

Emerging from Brooklyn in the ‘90s, both achieved local acclaim before attaining global status. This pairing brings together his timeless artistry with the bold iconicity of the classic beer; a celebration of innovation and artistry in both music and brewing, honouring Hip-Hop’s 50th Anniversary.

Karli Bainbridge, VP of Marketing for Brooklyn Brewery explains: “We are thrilled to bring this collaboration together in celebration of fifty years of hip-hop.

“We are also excited to team up with notable music journal Wax Poetics, along with Brooklyn-based establishments Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts, and leading arts and media institution BRIC for a series of events that pay homage to Biggie’s extraordinary cultural impact.”

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