Spam donates 264,000 cans to aid victims of Hawaii wildfires

Canned food brand Spam announced that it was sending food to help aid victims of the wildfires in Hawaii.

Devastating wildfires on Maui have killed at least 111 people with that death toll expected to rise.

Spam, which has been a staple of Hawaiian cooking since its introduction during World War Two, announced it would donate 264,000 cans to the island.

This is valued at around $1million worth of support.

A statement read: “We’ve been at a loss for words seeing the devastation that is happening on Maui,” the canned meat’s statement on Facebook began. “To our ‘ohana on Maui, we see you and love you. We’ve been working with our trusted partners on how we can help.

“Thank you to just one of our partners, @Convoy of Hope, who is swiftly helping us bring food to the island. We will continue to stay connected with our partners on the islands and ask all of our fans to continue to surround Maui with support and love.”

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