Vizzy’s Orange Cream Pop flavour sells $5.7m of product

Vizzy Hard Seltzer’s Orange Cream Pop flavour has already sold more than $5.7 million of product, according to Circana all-outlet data for the 13 weeks that ended July 30. 

It’s given the Vizzy franchise a boost, contributing to the franchise’s 64% dollar sales growth versus the prior 13-week period, Circana data show.

The limited-time offering has succeeded, in part, by playing off legal-age drinkers’ taste for nostalgia, says Rose Bleakley, associate marketing manager for Vizzy.

“People remember getting orange cream pops from the neighborhood ice-cream truck. That flavor and smell bring back a lot of great summertime memories,” she says, noting more than 76% of consumers ages 22 to 55 reporting they love things that remind them of the past, according to Mintel.

It’s coincided with more momentum for Vizzy, which introduced colourful new packaging beginning in the spring. Its dollar share has grown by a third over the last 13 weeks versus the period that ended April 30, according to Circana. For the 13 weeks that ended July 30, dollar sales, excluding Orange Cream Pop,are outpacing the segment, Circana data show. Meanwhile, Vizzy was second fastest-growing hard seltzer from a major brewer in U.S. foods in the second quarter, behind Topo Chico Hard Seltzer.

The new look, which included a reshuffled lineup of dual-flavoured hard seltzers in colourful packaging that stands out on shelves, helped drive sales, Bleakley said. And Vizzy’s ongoing partnership with the Professional Pickleball Association has put it right in the middle of America’s fastest-growing sport.

“Overall, Vizzy’s been gaining some great momentum this summer. The success of Orange Cream Pop has been the cherry on top,” she says.

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