Atalanta’s Demedici Group expands tinned seafood selection

Tinned seafood alongside boxes of Portomar branded boxes

DeMedici launches three new speciality tinned seafood items in their exclusive Conservas Portomar line from Galicia: Small Sardines in Olive Oil, Smoked Mussels, and a unique tapas kit

The products bring the Spanish flavours of Galicia to the American consumer. The tinned seafood products are made with 100% natural ingredients and no additives or preservatives. Portomar’s three new products join an esteemed collection of mussels, tuna, razor clams, octopus, and more.

Tinned seafood is having a moment in the spotlight. According to research from IRI Worldwide, a data, analytics, and insights provider, sales of canned fish increased by 5% in 2022.

And Portomar’s Tapas Kit hopes to put tinned fish on the menu not only for everyday meals but for entertaining too. The first of its kind, the Tapas Kit is a novel multi-tinned trio designed to make at-home tapas achievable and easy. The set is made up of smoked mussels, small sardines, and squid in tins. 

Combined with DeMedici’s Ortiz tuna and anchovy collection from the Basque Coast of Spain, DeMedici now offers one of the most well-rounded selections of canned fish and seafood from the key regions of Spain.

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