Kentucky Coffee debuts new line of ready-to-drink

Kentucky Coffee has announced expansion into the ready-to-drink category with the debut of its new hard cold brews, a mixed cocktail made with premium whiskey and cold brew.

Hitting shelves nationwide this Fall, Kentucky Coffee will offer their line of hard cold brews in 12oz cans at 5.9% ABV in three bold, delicious flavours: Black, vanilla and mocha.

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage globally. From afternoon iced lattes to evening espresso martinis, coffee culture has exploded in recent years. Consumers are not only demanding new and exciting ways to enjoy the taste of coffee, but they also want it on-the-go. According to a 2023 mintel report, the RTD coffee market is currently valued at $26.3B and the category is expected to reach $42.4B by 2030. Keeping in mind consumers’ needs for making coffee culture more convenient, accessible and indulgent, Kentucky Coffee hard cold brews serve to answer that call for both at-home and on-the-go occasions.

However, coffee isn’t the only taste consumers are craving. Flavoured whiskey has established its dominance in the spirits industry, now growing 3.5x faster than whiskey and valued at $2B+ in the US & $1.6B globally. Considering this category’s boom, it’s a timely moment for the debut of Kentucky Coffee hard cold brews.

“Coffee and whiskey are beloved in their own rights and come together naturally when blended,” said Don Deubler, CEO of Kentucky Coffee’s parent company, Atomic Brands. “It’s a timeless pair that’s been largely overlooked within the RTD space – we’re excited to fill that gap for consumers,” said Deubler.

As the RTD segment continues to expand, consumers are craving variety. Kentucky Coffee seeks to exceed expectations with a full-flavor mixed cocktail that is easy to enjoy wherever, whenever. “Lemonades, teas and sparkling water have made their way from the non-alc RTD category, but we’ve been missing coffee. Kentucky Coffee hard cold brews answer that,” Deubler added.

Kentucky Coffee hard cold brews will be available in four packs at retailers nationwide this fall in all three flavours: Black, vanilla and mocha.

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