Whipnotic launches two flavours in patented aerosol can

Whipnotic whipped cream aerosol cans on a background of chocolate and mango

Whipnotic, the innovative whipped cream brand putting a sweet spin on a classic indulgence, announced the release of two new flavour: Brownie Batter and Peach Mango. 

Whipnotic hopes to “flip the industry on its can”. The dessert disruptors have reimagined whipped cream into a guilt-free addition to everyday meals, beverages, snack, sweet treats and special occasions. Through a simple press of Whipnotic’s patented nozzle technology, a swirl of all-natural fruit juices and flavor essences infuses into rich whipped cream. 

Whipnotic’s magic comes courtesy of a patented nozzle designed by Tracy Luckow and her sister Lori Gitomer who wanted to add more flavour and more fun to a beloved indulgence that has seen little innovation in a nearly 100 years.

The company holds a global patent with more than 30 claims for the breakthrough packaging innovation which enables a user to control the combination of two different flavors, colors, textures, or ingredients for an elevated, on-demand experience.

“Whipped cream is the perfect blank canvas for highly sensorial eating experiences,” said Whipnotic Co-founder and President Tracy Luckow, who holds a PhD in Sensory Science and Nutrition. “Fans are whipping up such whimsical and inspired culinary creations, the versatility is stunning. Whipnotic doesn’t just look beautiful it wows with flavour, so press that nozzle, the sky’s the limit.”

Recent category growth has been driven by KETO and low sugar trends as well by increased consumer desire for joyful food experiences, whether to enjoy solo or socially. The brand’s bright coloured packaging offers an obvious visual point of difference at shelf; and in tandem with this launch, Whipnotic added a sleek new cap and nozzle, reducing their plastic usage by 60%. With a rapidly expanding retail footprint and a newly launched online store, Whipnotic is now available across the USA.

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