Beyond Raw creates new canned drink

Following the launch of Dynamic Gainer and Dynamic Whey, Beyond Raw is back with an addition to its portfolio. 

Beyond Raw LIT Charged is a high-powered, functional supplement that offers mental focus and energy in a can – designed for consumers looking for an everyday boost.

The transparently-labelled formulation, which includes 250mg caffeine, 300mg Alpha-GPC, 100mg Neurofactor coffee fruit extract and 1000mg L-Tyrosine, gives consumers the lightning combination of intense energy, boosted cognitive performance, and nootropic and nervous system support.

Powered by GNCX Innovations, the launch was created by GNC’s nutritional experts with emphasis on input from passionate Beyond Raw loyalists and the highest standard of safety and efficacy. 

“As part of GNC’s commitment to offering consumers new and innovative product selections from their favourite brands, GNCX Innovations is launching something spectacular,” said Rachel Jones, SVP, Chief Product Innovation and Science Officer, GNC.

“Beyond Raw fans will be stoked to try this revolutionary formula featured in LIT Charged that is perfect for everyday use. 

“The initial flavour launches pack as much punch as the energy and focus within, and you can only find these game-changing new formulas here at GNC.”

With this launch, GNC now offers more than 70 Beyond Raw products.

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