DRT Holdings and Meadow Packaging win Gold

DRT Metal Packaging & Precision Manufacturing has won two of the premier awards at the Canmaker Summit’s ‘Cans of The Year’ awards, which took place on 11 October in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The accolades were given for joint development with Meadow Packaging and its Closed Loop Packaging System for personal-care products. 

Meadow’s end and dispensing system was awarded Gold in the ‘Prototype Can of the Year’ category. It was also voted Winner of the ‘Delegates’ Choice’ poll during the event, which was voted for by representatives across the metal packaging industry. 

Collecting the ‘Prototype Can of the Year’ award. From left, Nick Paget (Meadow), Victor Ljungberg (Meadow), Brandon Rinehart (DRT) and Allan Sayers (Canmaker).

The Canmaker ‘Cans of the Year’ awards are an international celebration of canmaking achievement. Since 1996, the awards have promoted and rewarded significant developments and innovations in the metal packaging industry. With a wide spectrum of categories embracing all types of cans and closures, the ‘Cans of the Year’ recognise the global contribution made by individuals, teams and companies of all sizes. 

The revolutionary Meadow System consists of a tamper-free end with a Daisy Top™ seam and a refillable dispenser, combined with a conventional beverage can. This revolutionary system dramatically reduces plastic and CO2 emissions by offering unparalleled recyclability. It’s designed to be an infinitely recyclable system with a refillable can and reusable dispenser, making it easier for consumers to reduce waste and contribute directly to a circular economy.

Meadow’s end and dispensing system was winner of the ‘Delegates’ Choice’ poll during the event, which was voted for by representatives across the metal packaging industry. The company also won Gold in ‘Best Prototype’ category.

High Precision Product Development

DRT provided Meadow with an end manufacturing solution that can be made at scale for the consumer market. The Daisy Top opening is simple to use, but its production requires aerospace precision to achieve reliability at industry-standard speeds of up to 3,000 units per minute.

Brandon Rinehart, Vice President of Innovation at DRT Holdings comments: “We’re extremely proud of the innovation team at DRT for bringing the beautiful Meadow concept to life! Thanks to The Canmaker ‘Cans of the Year’ judges and delegates for seeing the ingenuity of this design and recognising it as a ‘Gold Prototype’.”

An Innovative Packaging Solution

Swedish startup Meadow is a technology provider that aims to make material circularity an everyday reality by transforming the design and use of mass market packaging. Inspired by the seamless cycles of the natural world, Meadow is replacing wasteful linear packaging with a solution adapted for the circular economy. 

Most household products come in linear single-use packaging made of non-recyclable material. The Meadow Closed Loop Packaging System, with its infinitely recyclable aluminium can paired with a reusable dispenser, is able to deliver personal care products and other consumables in a convenient and truly environmentally friendly package. The circular solution reduces the demand for virgin material, increasing PCR (post-consumer recycled) content eliminating waste streams such as   landfill, incineration and leakage in nature. 

Meadow co-founder Peder Stubert is also delighted with the results: “Receiving such recognition from industry delegates at the Summit, as well as from the judges, is a big validation of what we’re trying to achieve. It also recognises that this was very much a joint project.

“Our inspiration comes from nature, but the Meadow System could not have come to fruition without DRT. It’s collaborations like this, combining expert knowledge with visionary thinking, that points the way ahead to a truly circular ecosystem.”

The company held a special Product Reveal Party after the Canmaker Summit in the elegant setting of Charleton House, Fife. This was attended by over 50 influential industry representatives, clearly demonstrating the high level of interest and support across the metal packaging industry for products that help all of us make the right choices for a more sustainable future.

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