Heinz Beanz unveils new curry flavours

Heinz Beanz has announced three new curry flavours: creamy Tikka, fragrant Jalfrezi and fiery Vindaloo.

The all-new, limited edition range of Beanz Flavourz combines two British classics – curry and Heinz Beanz and builds on existing Flavourz; including Chilli, Barbecue and Curry Beanz.

The all new Beanz Flavourz are:

  • Heinz Beanz Tikka: Beanz in a creamy Tikka Masala style sauce. With warming spices these Beanz are tangy and tasty.
  • Heinz Beanz Jalfrezi: Beanz in a rich Jalfrezi style sauce. These have a kick of flavour with punchy spices and are deliciously indulgent.
  • Heinz Beanz Vindaloo: Beanz in a fiery Vindaloo style sauce. With a kick of chilli, these Beanz have some serious bite if you like ‘em hot.  

The all new limited edition varieties come as research commissioned by Heinz reveals 40% of Brits are adding spices to their Beanz at home for an extra kick of flavour, with a fifth (19%) saying they now actively seek spicy food and 70% saying when it comes to their spice palate, they like a bit of heat. 

With classic curry spices being indulged by Brits the most – paprika (26%), chilli powder (23%), ginger (22%) and curry powder (20%) – it was a no brainer for the Beanz Boffins at Heinz to bring together two of the nation’s favourite dishes, curry and Heinz Beanz.

The new flavour innovations are inspired by Brits’ love for curry, with half (49%) of people saying they eat Indian cuisine at least three times per month, and the nation’s love for Chicken Tikka Masala in particular, with 29% saying it’s their ultimate favourite curry. 

The research also reveals almost half of people (43%) eat baked beans at least once a week – so this cracking combo in a can is obvz meant to be(anz).

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