Truly Hard Seltzer brings back rosé flavour

Truly Hard Seltzer has brought back its rosé flavour in its all-new Celebrations Mix Pack, alongside three new seasonal flavours.

Joining Truly Rosé is Peach Fizz, Cranberry Cheers, and Citrus Sparkle

Truly’s take on rosé is the most requested flavour from the Truly lineup with drinkers commenting and calling for its return over the last few years. 

“Truly and rosé may be synonymous with summer, but to us, it’s always seltzer season,” said Matt Withington, Truly’s Senior Director of Marketing. 

“With the new Celebrations mix pack arriving ahead of traditional end-of-year celebrations, we think it’s the perfect time to give our most loyal fans another taste of Truly Rosé. Consider it an early holiday gift or a treat for National Hard Seltzer Day. This season is jam-packed with reasons to celebrate, and Truly is giving drinkers the variety they need to keep it light and fun all year long.”

The Truly Celebrations Mix Pack features four lightly flavoured styles:

  • Truly Rosé Style: A lightly refreshed version of the Truly Rosé fans love, including hints of wine flavour and a blend of strawberry, peach, and green apple.
  • Peach Fizz: A fruity, refreshing peach flavour with notes of cranberry and pomegranate, perfectly balanced for a lightly sweet and sour combination.
  • Cranberry Cheers: A traditional cranberry flavour with a hint of festive pomegranate.
  • Citrus Sparkler: A sweet, orange focused flavour with tropical pineapple notes.

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