‘Never taking no for an answer’ – Kim Kizer

Joining us this week is Kim Kizer. With a career of more than 25 years as a manufacturing professional, Keizer has been vice president, Sales and Marketing of CCL Container since 2015.

CCL Container is North America’s leading manufacturer of recyclable aluminium aerosol cans, custom aluminium bottles, barrier systems, and other speciality aluminium packaging for global consumer brands.

Through her efforts, the company manufactured more than 600 million containers and generated revenue in excess of $400 million in 2022.

During the show we talk about Kizer’s drive as a single mum, determined to “be self-sufficient, own a home, and give my family a good life”.

Her tenacity, integrity, and “never taking no for an answer” has brought her continued success and serves as inspiration for today’s women looking to get the most out of their business careers and life.

Before we begin the episode, we must give a special mention to our sponsors PPG. We’re proud to partner with PPG and thank them for supporting The Metal Pack Pod over the coming months.

Their range of innovative and sustainable solutions enables its customers to protect and beautify the world.

Now onto today’s show…

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