Guangdong Betterlid Packaging Material joins ASI

European Aluminium

ASI announced that Guangdong Betterlid Packaging Material Co.,Ltd. has joined as a new Industrial Users member.

Guangdong Betterlid Packaging Material Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2012. It is a leading and professional manufacturers of aluminium packaging materials and an integrated solutions supplier. 

It has been focusing on the production, processing, research and development of aluminium packaging materials which are widely used for easy-open ends, aluminium tabs, screw caps, Maxi-P caps, aluminium bowls, container, easy peel-off ends and aluminium foil products. 

The company said: “We recognise that as an aluminium packaging material manufacturer and a link in the aluminium value chain, only by adopting a responsible management concept, protecting the environment and safeguarding the rights and interests of employees, undertaking more environmental and social responsibilities can we achieve sustainable development. 

“By implementing ASI’s governance system and participating in the work of ASI membership, we hope to achieve good practices for the sustainable development of our business and gain the recognition from stakeholders, customers, partners and society.”

Ding Yong, Deputy General Manager, said: “Guangdong Betterlid Packaging Material Co.,Ltd. has joined ASI membership in order to achieve sustainable development and ensure the continuous and effective implementation of responsible production, responsible procurement and responsible corporate governance of the company’s aluminium packaging materials.”

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