Krones’ Modulseam innovation promises higher can output

With an impressive speed of up to 110,000 cans per hour, the new 14-head variant of the Modulseam in Krones’ can seaming portfolio bridges the gap between the 12- and 18-head variants.

This evolution of the Modulseam is designed for those who want to combine high-speed performance and top-of-the-line hygiene. 

As in the previous version, the process area in the new can seamer is hermetically separated from the drive area – a unique selling point that really sets these hygienically designed block solutions apart from the competition. 

Cables and supply hoses are located outside the process area, and all components in the process area are made of stainless steel. The seamer can be cleaned using hot caustic, which removes bacteria, yeasts and spores more reliably than conventional foam cleaning. 

Additional design highlights include quick-change systems for optimised change-over times plus the improvement of all components involved in the transfer of cans from the filler to the seamer, which ensures that the cans are transported smoothly all the way down the line.

Block configuration also available with a compact cleanroom

Krones prefers to integrate the machine into its filler-seamer block for cans – Modulfill Bloc FS-C. This gives beverage makers the advantage of perfect coordination between the two systems. Shared features like the central HMI control panel reduce the number of interfaces, and the block requires considerably less floor space than a configuration with separate filler and seamer. 

For sensitive beverages, the Modulfill Bloc FS-C can be supplied with a compact cleanroom on request. This option reduces the footprint by around 35 percent and the height by some 2.5 metres (compared with the con-ventional block). The Modulfill Bloc FS-C with the new seamer is also the fastest and most compact isolator-type canning line on the market.

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