HOP WTR hope to make Dry January easier

Last year, one in five adults participated in Dry January, but not everyone completed the challenge. This year, HOP WTR, the leading hoppy water brand, is hoping to make it easier than ever to stay dry by hypnotising consumers to stick to their goals with the help of their canned water. 

HOP WTR has partnered with a certified hypnotist to develop a “HOPnotic spell” designed to put consumers into a trance that will help them form healthier habits through the power of hypnotherapy. 

Hop WTR claim that sessions with their hypnotist will help give consumers the ability to resist a beer or say ‘yes’ to an early morning hike. 

“Dry January sounds like a good idea, but it can be hard to pull off,” said Jordan Bass, HOP WTR Co-Founder and CEO. “We hired a certified hypnotist, Amy Koford, who will hypnotise select consumers to help make sure they stay extra dry this January. 

“As an added benefit, they may also leave the session wanting to drink lots of HOP WTR. We know people love our brand because they heart it on Instagram, but we want them to be obsessed. Putting consumers into a hypnotic trance seemed like a natural extension of our marketing.”

Fans looking to outsmart Dry January and form better habits can sign up for a chance to be hypnotised on HOP WTR’s website from today until December 26th. Winners will receive their session during the first week of January. 

Each winner will also receive a month’s supply of HOP WTR so they can still indulge in the bold, hoppy flavour they may suddenly crave more and more. Each can of HOP WTR is crafted with a blend of brewer-approved hops and mood-boosting ingredients that will have fans feeling good about staying dry.

HOP WTR expects sales to rise in January, citing a growing trend of consumers who seem to be entranced by the brand.

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