Jonathan Oppenheimer purchases 100% of GZ Industries


Nigeria’s biggest beverage can manufacturer, GZ Industries, has been bought by South African businessman Jonathan Oppenheimer.

He is the son of South African billionaire Nicky Oppenheimer.

Bloomberg reported that a statement from Affirma Capital, previously known as Standard Chartered Private Equity, confirmed the deal had been completed.

Oppenheimer now owns 100% of GZ Industries, who supply the likes of Coca-Cola and produces around three billion aluminium cans per year.

He had already bought a majority stake, of 62.5%, in GZI before purchasing the remaining 37.5% from Affirma Capital.

That initial stake was bought in 2018 when GZI built a plant in South Africa.

GZI operates in Nigeria and South Africa and is a leading manufacturer of aluminium beverage cans in Africa.

The company itself states: “Utilising best-in-class manufacturing processes and the latest high speed beverage line, we’re proud to produce cans for some of the leading beverage brands in Africa.”

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