AnchorEOE launches easy-open tab

A blue easy-open tab on a metal can being opened using two fingers

AnchorEOE is set to launch an easy-opening tab for tin or aluminium lids for metal containers. The tab opens with two fingers – making it safer and an option for different can shapes and sizes. 

According to AnchorEOE  the easy open tab “allows for a modulated application of more force and a safer opening that minimises the possibility of accidents or injuries. 

“The properties of the new easy-opening tab for lids and the distance between the ring’s tab are more balanced and ergonomic, exerting just the right pressure and allowing the can to be opened effortlessly and safely.”

The tool makes can-opening easy, thanks to the distance between the ring’s tabs. The tool is perfect for low-height cans or rectangular cans where opening with a traditional ring tab can be complicated or unsafe. With the new easy-opening tab AnchorEOE believe the opening of cans will significantly improve both consumer experience and safety. 

AnchorEOE has a broad grip without finger size limitations and is accessible for people with both large and small fingers.

Its anchor-shaped design enables an easier, quicker, and safer opening of cans. The design is set to be unveiled in early January and will be available for manufacturers of easy-open lids and canned goods manufacturers.

AnchorEOE tab is available for license patenting or available to purchase with AnchorEOE. 

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