ConstelliumCARES Fund announces first projects

Constellium announced that it has funded its first projects under the ConstelliumCARES Fund, a company-wide philanthropy program established in 2023 dedicated to advancing positive change in global and regional programs and local communities. 

With a commitment of up to €1 million per year, Constellium aims to advance initiatives centred around climate change, diversity and inclusion, and education and skill-building. 

This fund reinforces the numerous local community service activities led by Constellium’s plants, R&D centres, and corporate offices, and supported by employee volunteers. The ConstelliumCARES Fund will leverage these initiatives to address both global challenges and local needs.  

“At Constellium, we recognise that our success is fundamentally linked to the well-being of the communities we call home,” said Jean-Marc Germain, CEO of Constellium. “Through the ConstelliumCARES Fund, we are dedicated to creating a lasting impact and contributing to a more sustainable and inclusive future for all. 

“I am proud of this philanthropic initiative but even prouder of our many employees who volunteer their time to serve their community.”

In 2023, the newly created ConstelliumCARES Fund sponsored local projects in Europe and the United States for community initiatives around education and training, biodiversity, and inclusion. Projects included: 

  • Supporting schools and education programs for underprivileged students in Alabama, Georgia, and Michigan 
  • Sponsoring housing, rehabilitation, training, and other services for disadvantaged populations in Paris and Baltimore
  • Fostering inclusion by providing training and equipment for people with disabilities in France
  • Promoting STEM education and career opportunities to female students in France and the U.S.

Further details on the projects funded in 2023 are available on our website.  

Additional environmental and community projects are under review by a dedicated Steering Committee for funding in 2024.

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