Council collects 473 tonnes of steel cans in 2023

East Devon District Council announced that it collected 473 tonnes of steel cans in 2023.

In a post on social media, the council said: “In 2023, we collected 473 tonnes of steel cans from East Devon Households for recycling.

“Please put all of your steel cans in your recycling sack along with the plastic and aluminium items we collect from kerbside. 

“The cans are separated from the mix of materials by magnets at our materials recycling facility and sent to foundries in England or Wales to be smelted into raw steel ready to be made into new products.

“Your recycling sack is for steel cans only, other steel items can be taken to a recycling centre to be recycled.

“There is no limit to the times your cans can be recycled – metal recycles forever.”

East Devon District Council was recently ranked as the sixth best local authority in England for recycling household waste in 2022/23.

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