PABC’s annual production capacity exceeds 950 million cans


Pakistan Aluminium Beverage Cans Limited has announced its annual production capacity now exceeding 950 million cans. 

The news was reported to the Pakistan Stock Exchange on Tuesday.

“We are pleased to announce that with the successful installation and commissioning of our expansion/equalisation project, our new rated capacity now stands at 1,200 million cans per annum,” the stock filing stated.

PABC is the sole manufacturer of aluminium cans for soft drinks in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

In 2022, the company posted a profit after tax of Rs 2.71 billion. This was up by 72% compared to the previous year (2021) when it posted a profit of Rs 1.58 billion.

Earlier in 2023, PABC announced its plans to increase it’s beverage can production capacity from 700 million cans per annum to 1,200 million.

This was completed in 2023, with work having began the previous year.

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