Amcor Capsules celebrates 60th anniversary of STELVIN screw caps

Amcor Capsules, a global leader in developing and producing responsible closures and capsules for wine and spirits brands, celebrates the 60th anniversary of its pioneering STELVIN aluminum screw cap range for wine.

The development of STELVIN in 1964 in Chalon-sur-Saône, France, marked a significant milestone in the wine industry. 

At a time when there were no screw cap alternatives available in the market, the concept of STELVIN was first pioneered to address challenges faced by the Swiss grape variety Chasselas, which is known for its sensitivity to cork taint. 

The STELVIN mechanical system played a crucial role in this achievement, providing a solution that preserves the wine’s aromas, its freshness, taste and quality, while providing optimal preservation.

Switzerland was the first country to adopt STELVIN for its wine and spirit brands. Since then, the brand has gained momentum in other key markets. In 2001, ‘The Screwcap Initiative’ was established in New Zealand to widespread the use of screw caps as a wine bottle closure method instead of corks. The initiative represented a major movement for the wine industry, resulting in 90% of wine bottles in Australia and New Zealand using screw caps today.

Screw caps are now widely accepted, even in traditional markets. As the inventor of screw caps, STELVIN has played a major role in this acceptance and widespread use – today one out of three bottles are closed with a screw cap, and the brand has expanded its presence to more than 40 countries.

Yannick Magnon, General Manager of Amcor Capsules, said: “We’re delighted to celebrate this 60-year anniversary milestone. When STELVIN screw cap was invented, we were the first to partner with winemakers to help them swap their methods of bottle closures, which was seen as a revolution at the time. 

“Like all innovators, STELVIN has been imitated over the years, but its heritage and impact on the wine industry has never been matched. With STELVIN , Amcor remains the market leaders for wine screwcaps thanks to the quality we provide as well as the knowledge and expertise of our teams.”

STELVIN has been committed to help wine brands progress further in their sustainability journey. Last October, Amcor Capsules revealed that its entire STELVIN 30H60 aluminium screw cap range for wine and spirits brands now emits up to 35% less carbon emissions compared to a standard screw cap produced with European aluminium sheets.

Moreover, STELVIN has always adapted to the needs of the market, from functional capabilities to offering various designs such as STELVIN LUX, a closure without external threading. Additionally, STELVIN offers STELVIN INSIDE, a choice of PVDC FREE liners with different oxygen transmission rates (OTR) for winemakers to select from, all while maintaining a premium quality.

After 60 years, STELVIN remains the market reference, according to customers like Laroche that first started to use STELVIN in 2003: “When it comes to screw caps, STELVIN is a benchmark for Laroche” declares Florence Chamon, Head of Quality for Laroche in Chablis and Béziers.

Géraud Blanc, Wine Manager at the La Chevalière site in Béziers and Romain Chevrolat, Wine Managers at Domaine Laroche, adds: “Laroche has a long-standing partnership with Amcor and its STELVIN, with a commitment to innovation and wine quality. We use STELVIN on some wine ranges: our varietal wines, Bourgogne, and villages such as Petit Chablis and Chablis. Nowadays, the screw cap is used on part of our Chablis range for export markets and 98% of our varietals.

Amcor Capsules’ celebration of the 60th anniversary of STELVIN is not only a reflection of its rich history and lingering success, but also a testament to its continuous efforts in innovation, sustainability, and meeting the evolving needs of the market

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