BlueTriton water brands announce aluminium bottle

Deer Park, Poland Spring, Pure Life, Arrowhead and Ice Mountain water are pictured in new aluminium bottles together on a plain white background.

Five of BlueTriton’s brands will be leading the charge with new aluminium containers—Poland Spring®, Deer Park®, Ice Mountain®, Arrowhead® and Pure Life®.

In partnering with 1% for the Planet—a global network of businesses aimed at making a positive impact on the environment—BlueTriton has committed to donating 1% of aluminium bottle sales to environmental organisations within that network. 

“We’re excited to offer the brands our customers have loved for generations in sleek new aluminium bottles,” says BlueTriton Chief Marketing Officer Kheri Holland Tillman. 

“This packaging exemplifies BlueTriton’s long-term commitment to sustainability and being responsible water stewards. We’re proud to support 1% for the Planet and support a great network of businesses and organisations that are as passionate as we are in helping protect the environment for future generations.”

“We’re thrilled to welcome BlueTriton to our growing network of changemakers that are doing vital work to help protect our planet and serve our communities,” says Kate Williams, CEO of 1% for the Planet. “We applaud BlueTriton’s efforts and commitment to ensuring all communities can access safe, sustainably sourced drinking water while giving back to the natural resources providing it.”

BlueTriton’s launch of its aluminium packaging will help the company reach its goal of 100% recyclable, reusable, or compostable packaging—one of its 2030 Sustainability Goals released this month.

BlueTriton believes in safe, sustainably sourced drinking water that can be accessed by future generations. That’s why in addition to the 1% for the Planet partnership and efforts to minimise the company’s impact through circular packaging, BlueTriton also works to maintain resilient water sourcing, diversify water collection sources, and helps protect thousands of acres of watersheds and wetlands. 

As part of this work, BlueTriton has a dedicated team of National Resource Managers, with geologists, hydrogeologists, and engineers constantly working to understand the company’s owned and managed water resources, their natural cycle, and how to support their sustainability. These actions help support long-term sustainability and ensure access to healthy hydration for generations to come.

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