Draft Top’s new tool ‘changes the way’ canned beverages are enjoyed

Draft Top has launched Draft Top Pro, a commercial grade countertop tool that transforms canned beverages into formal cups within seconds. 

The Draft Top Pro aims to elevate the sensory experience of canned beverages, providing the same rich sensory experience as drinking from a glass and is built for beverage brands, venues, bars & restaurants looking to provide their customers with a unique & sustainable drinking experience.

The Draft Top Pro tool works to safely and seamlessly lift and remove the lids of canned beverages with three simple steps, creating a more formal sensory experience by enhancing the aroma and flavour accessibility of the liquid:

  1. Insert can and lock the handle.
  2. Pull the top lever down.
  3. Remove the now Topless can!
    • To open another can simply push the top lever back up and the DT PRO will eject the top for your next use.

“We’ve seen such sensational feedback from consumers since the launch of our original handheld tool in 2019,” commented Armand Ferranti, President & Co-Founder of Draft Top. 

“We’re excited to bring that level of excitement, innovation and opportunity to the masses with the launch of Draft Top Pro. 

“The tool offers venues, hotels, restaurants and bars throughout the world the opportunity to not only enhance the customer’s experience when drinking canned beverages, but level up their commitment towards a more sustainable world.”

With a strong commitment to encouraging eco-friendly practices and a push towards a more sustainable future, the Draft Top Pro provides its customers with a sustainable serving solution, eliminating the need for plastic, single use cups while simultaneously offering an increased ROI as opposed to glassware maintenance and plastic purchasing. 

The Draft Top Pro allows venues and hospitality brands to save on investments of plastic cups, glassware, while simultaneously allowing beverage brands the opportunity to maintain branding & logo visibility in the hands of the consumer, a space where branding is typically lost when transferred into a plastic/glass unbranded cup.

Some of the largest beverage and hospitality brands worldwide have already begun integrating Draft Top Pro into their ongoing marketing and consumer facing initiatives and events, including international brewer Heineken

“We recently had the opportunity to incorporate the Draft Top Pro at our trade shows, which was an instant hit with our consumers,” commented Peter Camps, Sr. Manager Quality & Education, Brewmaster – Draught Master at Heineken. 

“Consumers loved the fact that the tool allows you to drink a beer from a can, just like you would enjoy a draft beer in a pint glass. There’s also no longer the need to pour the can into a plastic cup, which, in turn, creates increased visibility for the product itself.”

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