Global canned food market size to grow by $29.44bn

The global canned food market size is estimated to grow by $29.44 billion from 2023-2027, according to Technavio. 

The market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 4.3% during the forecast period. 

The canned food market is witnessing a shift towards chemical-free options, with brands like Conagra Brands and The Hain Celestial Group Inc. offering BPA-free containers. New technologies, such as Soy-PK Reactive Oligomer Cross-Linker, are emerging as alternatives to BPA-containing cans. 

Key trends include consumer focus on health, allergies, and sensitivities, leading to increased demand for organic and functional fibres, vitamins, and Omega-3 fatty acids. The convenience foods market, driven by fast-paced lifestyles and consumer purchasing power, is also influencing the canning industry. 

Retail infrastructure, including food retail outlets and convenience stores, plays a crucial role in the market’s growth. Key products include canned corn, tomato purees, pastes, and pickled vegetables. 

The market challenges include that the canned food market encompasses various industry applications, including retail and hospitality sectors, emergency food supplies, and niche markets. 

Key trends include extended shelf life, consumer demand for organic and premium canned products, and sustainable packaging solutions. 

Product innovation focuses on alternative packaging methods, flavour variants, and nutritional value. 

Canned meat, seafood, fruit, vegetables, and ready meals are prominent categories, with e-commerce platforms driving sales growth. Companies prioritise eco-friendly packaging, formulations, and product categories to cater to evolving consumer lifestyles and preferences.

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