Aluminium water packaging innovators join forces in B2B model

Boomerang aluminium water bottles in production.

Mananalu announced its exclusive alliance with Boomerang Water, marking the retail water brand’s transition into a B2B business model. Mananalu was founded on a steadfast mission to foster sustainable lifestyles through accessibility to more sustainable and healthier alternatives.

Mananalu is a leading provider of environmentally sustainable bottled water. It offers innovative aluminum bottled water solutions that reduce single-use plastic waste and promote sustainable living. 

Boomerang Water is revolutionising the bottled water industry with its innovative on site, point-of-use Bottling System. Boomerang process uses reusable aluminium bottles and ensures clean, sustainable water with minimal carbon footprint. Boomerang’s program eliminates the need for shipping and using single-use plastic water bottles, reducing waste and promoting a cleaner environment.

“We invite the world to join us as we embark on this critical journey, setting new paradigms in sustainability and demonstrating that responsible business practices can indeed coexist with robust environmental stewardship,” says Mananalu and Boomerang leadership in a joint statement.

This partnership is set to transform water consumption in many sectors, including hospitality, corporate and industrial environments, educational institutions, cruise ships, healthcare facilities, and disaster relief areas. Boomerang Water’s advanced on site, point-of-use bottling systems wash, rinse, sanitize, filter, fill, cap and seal 400-500 reusable aluminium or glass bottles per hour, ensuring clean, locally sourced sustainable water with a minimal carbon footprint and zero waste.

Mananalu and Boomerang will continue to serve their existing territories together and work to bring Circular Sustainability (zero-waste) water systems to new, global markets. This collaboration supports ecological preservation and represents a transformative step towards a circular economy, where sustainability and innovation drive economic growth and environmental health. It is both a leap forward for each partner’s core values and a testament to their shared, deep-rooted commitment to our planet and future generations.

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